Shaping A Culture Of Love In The Workplace


When we say “LOVE” we’re not talking about romantic entanglements. We’re not even talking about feelings, per se. We are talking about a culture that values vulnerability, and courage—and embraces personal accountability and introspection over blaming others.

A culture that honors the humanity of every employee

One that thrives on and flourishes through connection, empathy, and understanding. A culture that honors the humanity of every employee, because when your business takes care of people, they take care of you.

A culture of love isn’t a culture of making people feel loved, it’s a culture built on specific acts of love. Tangible, actionable approaches to building a place where people feel like they belong.

It was our culture of love that fueled our resilience and growth through turbulent times, and it’s what drives us today to help other businesses do the same.

Marion Choppin

How to build a culture of love in my company?

How we treat each other creates culture. Good or bad, culture starts with how we’re treated.

Self-awareness is key to implementing good behaviors in your business.

In fact, without the right behaviors, having a robust culture is impossible. That’s where our journey starts. Not with a culture of love, but something that sets the stage to make a culture of love possible: behaviors that drive organizational success.

And to have the right behaviors we need to help your employees develop their self-awareness. That is self-awareness that enables us to make meaningful changes in our own behaviors.

A perfect way to motivate your employees to develop self-awareness is funny evaluations questionnaire about their strengths. If my own strengths are recognized by my peers, my managers, and my own company, I will be more able to develop my own strengths and be aware of my weaknesses for better self-awareness.

Compliments at the heart

Even the best teams can fall into the trap of taking each other for granted. And, without even realizing it, we can easily ignore their contributions.

When you send compliments to colleagues, you provide a positive feeling for the recipient and yourself—you can feel grateful and experience a happy boost! Everyone needs to feel appreciated, and compliments are an easy way to boost brain power. When dopamine is increased, it sends positive, uplifting messages to your brain, which helps you feel better, be more productive and achieve your goals.

With compliments at the heart of your corporate culture, you increase your team's productivity and your organization's culture at the same time, in a fun and interactive way!

Be kind. You will earn money.

If you still believe that sending compliments to your colleagues is "too naive", just have a look at this study: Picincu, A, 2019.

American companies lose $359 BILLION a year due to the effects of conflicts because of diminished work performance, low employee morale, and loss of revenue.  Not to mention the negative health effects conflict can have on employees such as anxiety, depression, poor sleep, back pain, and even migraines.

This is ok not to get along with everyone!

But you spend most of your time at work – try to make it pleasant!

This is the reason why you need to build strong workplace culture, and improve corporate culture one compliment at a time.

Create A culture that people love ❤️

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