Taking action to improve your culture on autopilot

To improve culture, enterprises must take continuous action. But knowing which action to take without accurate, real-time data is just guesswork.

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Removing the guesswork

The Listen Léon platform is an end-to-end solution that transforms your culture into data and measures it in real time.

We provide a suite of tools for listening, measuring, and actioning. With these tools you can make real and immediate improvements to the culture of your organization.

Once subscribed to our Improve feature, we action every identified issue on autopilot which ensures accuracy and saves valuable time.

Removing friction, creating unity

If we identify friction between teams, we will take action to improve the situation automatically. Watch as your culture improves in real-time.

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We are always monitoring the relationships between teams. The goal is to create an amazing culture, regardless of location and job title.
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Employees that haven't quite embraced Listen Léon will be given a voice and made to feel a part of the initiative. Product adoption is key.
Learning and development


We will identify any employees that require development of their strengths and soft skills and add relevant e-learning to their to do lists.

When Improve is activated it has a calming effect

You can activate the Improved feature from within your dashboard. This tends to be quite a calming experience, as you watch action being taken in real-time.

The culture of your organization has hundreds or even thousands of data sets which are impossible to manage manually.

With Improve activated and the culture of your organization optimized, all identified actions are 'fixed' in real-time, improving the overall culture of the business.

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A game changer

Listen Léon has been designed and built for enterprises that wish to create a Great Place to Work.

Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, we help you engage with your employees in an effortless way.

The more your organization adopts Listen Léon, the more data we measure, and the more accurate our platform becomes.

Likewise, your company will thrive by empowering its people, your reputation as a great place to work will grow and attracting world-class talent will become the norm.

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