Positive, anonymous compliments

The heartbeat of our product suite is Léon, our compliment engine, which spreads positivity throughout your organization by empowering your employees to send positive, anonymous compliments.

Listen Léon is a revolutionary tool for your business world. I have seen first hand what a simple Léon message can do for morale of a teammate. I highly recommend this app.
Annalee Ruwe
Airbus, North America - Washington
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Léon's drive positivity

A Léon is a positive message sent to someone anonymously. We use artificial intelligence to ensure that it's a genuinely positive compliment. As you type, we automatically detect your recipient's strengths based on the content of your message, which can be edited if you choose. Once sent, we will deliver your Léon at a random time over the coming days for an added surprise.

Listen Léon brand logo
Listen Léon brand logo
Listen Léon brand logo
Listen Léon brand logo

Improve corporate culture one compliment at a time

All Listen Léon tools are built with the user in mind. We empower your employees to engage with each other in a fun and rewarding way.

Listen Léon assistant

Léon assistant

For the people that want to send an amazing compliment but need some writing assistance. A little help to inspire content that ensures every Léon is a powerful one.
Listen Léon scheduler


If you have a team event coming up and would like a Léon to arrive at a set date and time for maximum impact. You're able to schedule the Léon to do just that.
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Team statistics

All members of your organization are able to see the team statistics as an overview of anonymous Léon's sent and viewed as well as the latest team news.

The power of compliments

When you send compliments to colleagues, you provide a positive feeling for the recipient and yourself—you can feel grateful and experience a happy boost! Everyone needs to feel appreciated, and compliments are an easy way to boost brain power. When dopamine is increased, it sends positive, uplifting messages to your brain, which helps you feel better, be more productive and achieve your goals.

Increase your teams productivity and your organizations culture at the same time, in a fun and interactive way!

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"Listen Léon fits perfectly with our EXAPT values of family cohesion and individual responsibility."

Michael Servos


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