Yes, it's a survey.

It's no secret that we aren't the biggest fans of surveys here at Listen Léon but they do have a time and a place. We are looking for a snapshot of your culture as of right now, and will use short surveys to capture this data.


"Culture is the ultimate asset. Only a truly open organization where collaboration flourishes will be successful at maintaining a positive culture and environment.”

— Marion Choppin
CEO & Co-founder
Listen Léon

Your culture snapshot

We will ask you to send our snapshot survey to approximately 20% of your employees inviting them to help with a project to understand and improve the culture of the organization.

Simple multiple choice questions help with employee adoption

Multiple choice questions

We present you with your current culture health score

Culture score

Easy to read and understand data creates your culture snapshot

Snapshot data

If we agree your culture can be improved, we will recommend our services and a strategy to do just that

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Why take a culture snapshot?

Better results

Involving people in the project from an early stage encourages adoption of Léon and provides better results long-term.

Eye opening

Although surveys aren't accurate in real-time they can provide a snapshot of your culture which can be eye opening.


If budget is an issue, a snapshot can help to align your needs with our product range and could save on fees.

Direct reports

If you have direct reports that need to sign off the project, a snapshot is a great way of adding weight to your proposal.


A snapshot is a low cost way of integrating Listen Léon into the organization. This makes future partnerships much easier.


If you have an amazing culture, we will congratulate you and may recommend that no physical products are required.

Moving forward

01. Schedule snapshot

We will schedule your snapshot at a convenient time. It's common for the process to take one week.

02. Track the results

We will track the results as they come in and will see an evolving culture health. Snapshots are presented after 7 days.

03. Next steps

We are usually good go within a month, depending on our schedule and setup complexity.

Let's arrange your snapshot

A short discovery call will be beneficial to talk through the process and your short, medium and long term plans.


Your culture snapshot is the baseline

Once you have received your culture snapshot and decided there is a need to integrate Listen Léon with your organization, we will use your snapshot results as your baseline data set. This is great to see the improvement over time and can always be selected as a comparison in a then and now report.

"It is really refreshing to work with Listen Léon which is truly helpful in helping us understand our culture. Since using this software, I feel confident in our corporate ambition."

— Simon Jones,
Head of Finance.

Measuring culture and supplying the tools to take action

If you have ever used a culture tool in the past, there is a good chance it was survey focused.
When you received the results, what recommended actions were you provided with? Were you given access to a tool set that could take action for you?