How we calculate your culture health

A healthy, vibrant and thriving culture doesn’t just happen on it’s own. Knowing the health of your organization’s culture in real-time will lead to a happier workforce, more productivity, and higher profits. It’s just science!

Take the correct action

You can only take action to improve your culture once it’s been measured. This means measuring your culture is a criticial process. If measured inaccurately, no amount of action you take will be effective in improving the culture of your organization.

Once you know how your culture is perceived by the people who live it every day, you can take action to make changes. Listen Léon's culture measurement platform is the most accurate one in the world and gives you a complete picture of how your organization's culture is perceived by everyone who works there.

What is measured?

We have seven products within our Culture Intelligence® suite that are organically embedded within the Listen Léon mobile application. We measure thousands of data sets powered by the interaction your people have with our platform. These data sets are then converted by our artificial intelligence into a culture health score and displayed in your admin dashboard.

We also use hundreds of data sets that are collated when your people are not interacting with our products in the most fluent and organic way. For example, streaks of not logging in, not sending Léons, not responding to Léons, and many more ‘negative’ actions. This lack of engagement has an impact on your overall culture health.

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  • Anonymous Compliments:
    Sending, viewing, responding, customizing strengths, scheduling, and first time recipients Vs repeats.

  • Engage:
    Participating, leaving feedback, random play, multiple cards, as well as team and location friction.

  • Searching animation

    Adding strengths, developing strengths, alignment to core values, and e-learning, users tagging strengths.

  • eNPS:
    Participation, time to completion, scores, segmentation shifts, message responses, message interactions.

  • Nudges:
    Amount of use, employee response, click through rate, actions after clicking, template usage.

  • Improve:
    Interactions with AI engine, results improved, click through rates, increased culture health.

  • Culture:
    Swings in culture, daily fluctuations of culture health, use of dashboard, team and location statistics.


Anonymity guarantees a free, sincere and authentic gift. It allows for the following:

Free expression
Out of humility, we don't show real, positive emotions. We may be afraid of others’ judgment of us or the recipient’s interpretation of the message. With Listen Léon, discretion is preserved and gratitude is conveyed.

True and deep messages between two individuals
This allows 1-to-1 exchanges and not 1-to-many. There is no ulterior motive. This reduces superficial recognition.

Detachment of facts from the affect
According to Roland Barthes in his 1967 essay, "The Death of the Author," anonymity allows the author to be erased to focus on the text and context itself. Anonymity frees us from our interpretive biases.

Promotion of quality rather than quantity
The visibility of social media pushes us to be active and prioritize quantity over quality. Anonymity enables authenticity of exchanges. There are no judgemental issues.

Not feeling like you owe someone something
Anonymity delivers a true gift. We can receive the compliment without feeling pressured to return the favor.