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Listen Léon helps tech companies measure and improve their culture. Ping pong tables, bean bags, and casual dress codes won't help to create an organic culture that thrives. But an asynchronous peer-to-peer recognition platform that provides the world's most accurate data through organic, viral use can.


Peer-to-peer recognition

Peer-to-peer recognition is overlooked by most companies. People that give and receive compliments are naturally more confident, happier, satisfied, and create a higher ROI for their companies.

Sometimes even tech nerds love to be told what an amazing job they are doing.

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We present you with your current culture health score

Culture score

Anonymous data is collected 24-hours a day from employee engagement.

Snapshot data

Culture takes time to develop. Making the decision to use Listen Léon will ensure it develops in a thriving, positive manner

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What do we do for tech companies?

Anonymous compliments

Giving people the ability to send Léon's to each other - these are anonymous compliments that drive positivity and self confidence.


We map the strengths of your entire organization to create a blue print of the core strengths. We then offer e-learning to develop your employees.


Let's get everyone talking. Regardless of their skill set, location, and job title. Drives continuity, self confidence, and a sense of belonging,


All employees should be on the same page and to get to that ideal position, communication is critical. We have a communications hub built into our apps.


A low cost way of integrating Listen Léon into the organization is by using our culture snapshot product. This makes future partnerships much easier.


You have heard the saying 'if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life'. We work tirelessly to bring an organic, fun environment into your organization.

It's discovery time

A short discovery call will be beneficial to talk through the process and your short, medium and long term plans.

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Culture in real-time

Our data is the most comprehensive culture data sets available, and we are constantly adding new metrics to our measurement set. We have more than 200 thousand users across multiple industries and countries in the world. All analytics is delivered in real-time to our dashboards, or via API for your own reporting systems.

"It is really refreshing to work with Listen Léon which is truly helpful in helping us understand our culture. Since using the platform, I feel confident in our corporate ambition."

Simon C.

Culture tools for the tech industry

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