Culture health

The most accurate, real-time culture health data in the world. Measuring culture and improving it in real-time.

Listen Léon is the key to building a healthy company. Culture is about more than perks and benefits. It’s about creating an environment where people feel like they can be themselves, feel passionate about their work, and have fun while doing it

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A complete overview of your culture in a real-time dashboard

Culture score

Real-time culture score

Immediately see your organization's precise culture health and set alerts to be notified of critical changes.

Anonymous compliments

Visualization of high level interaction across your organization. See how your team is adopting Listen Léon.

Ability to take action

Every organization needs to take action to improve their culture, but what is the right action to take?


Small changes, big impact

Interaction powers culture, and with the Listen Léon app your people can recognize each other as often as they like through anonymous compliments. We use this anonymous data, along with much more to assess your culture health.

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Culture health score

We have developed a culture health score based on thousands of data points. The more of our tools your organization subscribes to, the more accurate and powerful the culture health score becomes. We display your score as a percentage, so you can compare your organization's culture health over time and make informed decisions regarding additional tools.


Like never before

Culture is the most important aspect of any organization, a living, breathing entity that increases or decreases in health alongside the people within the business. Only when you have accurate data can you take appropriate action to measure and improve it at scale.

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    We provide a world-class set of tools to measure culture in real-time. Powered by employees for complete accuracy.

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    We detect friction and problem areas organization wide and highlight these issues ready for improvement.

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    We use our proprietary artificial intelligence to eliminate friction and problems to improve culture in real-time.

How often does culture change?

It is well known that culture cannot be forced. People decide the culture of the business whether intentionally or not, which is why a top-down approach only works when the leaders are positive and genuinely care about the culture within their organization. A business's culture can change in real-time, which makes it impossible to accurately measure culture by surveying on a quarterly basis.

Positive leaders

Easy to say, more difficult to back up in practice. Positive leaders embrace culture change and lead from the front. They are determined to create world-class environments.


If people are forced to answer surveys every three months, it becomes a habit to 'game' them. This creates an inaccurate data set that are out of date the following day.

For employees

A fun, engaging, and rewarding way for all employees to actively participate in the culture of the business they work for. Wouldn't this be great?

Culture Change

Measure and improve your culture health

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